PDF to HTML and PDF Compress
This app converts PDF to HTML without losing text or format. Supports flexible output: all-in-one single HTML or split pages into separate files (on demand page loading, ZIP compressed).
The most accurate PDF to HTML free conversion. Preserves PDF fonts, text, location, forms, multi-column pages, tables, graphics. You can also use this app as an online publishing tool which is flexible for many different use cases.
This app also supports PDF compress for reducing your PDF size.
Notice: Cloud Storage 15M, Local 15M limit per a file. Free OO Converts/1 Day.
Max HTML Output Size: 14 M, Max PDF Pages: 140 Pages
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*Unknown Size: Google Document Formats.  
Root Folder
Output Type
Start Page - End Page (Max 140 Pages)
*Output HTML Shortcuts Zoom Plus: Ctrl+Plus (Ctrl+Shift+=), Zoom Minus: Ctrl+Minus (Ctrl+Shift+-), Zoom Reset: Ctrl+0
*How to change default zoom level of the output HTML? Adds parameters after html name. ex) output.html?scale=1.5 (default zoomx1.5), output.html?scale=0.5 (default zoomx0.5)
*How to hide the "table of contents" sidebar? ex) output.html?sidebar=no
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